letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Paving at the Polo Field


I’ve been scratching my head and wondering if there are any smart environmentalists left in the SF Recreation and Park Department. Pouring more concrete anywhere in the world adds to the green house gas emissions and sends the wrong signal. 

Now if they charged the event promoters for laying new roll-up sod as a yearly fix, and they rotated the set-ups every year to different areas of the Polo Field complex – I could applaud their mental acuity.

I also favor moving these music venues around the beautiful city we enjoy – using sites like McClaren Park or Mission Dolores – and giving a bit of a respite to Richmond/Sunset neighborhoods. 

David Joy 

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  1. Great comment, David Joy. Rec and Park runs Golden Gate Park as an enterprise zone. The more money they can extract from activities like Outside Lands, the better. Environmental concerns don’t matter. Paving part of the Polo Fields is just the most recent insult inflicted on the Park. And, unfortunately, it won’t be the last. And, yes, spread the stress throughout the city, and move Outside Lands to other venues.


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