letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Please Don’t Scale Back Farmers Market


Regarding the possible complete closure or scaling back of the Outer Sunset Farmers Market and Mercantile: In my 43 years of living in the Sunset District of San Francisco, the farmers market is the best thing that ever happened here. More than anything, it has brought us all together in a multitude of ways, beyond our love of fresh produce and unique merchandise.  

Most of the people I know walk to the market; either that or ride their bike. If they do drive, there are ample places to park. Recently, our daughter-in-law’s parents came from across town to visit the market for the first time. As they were parking, the neighbors whose house they parked in front of, told them not to worry that their parking wasn’t exact. Instead, seeing the couple’s shopping bags, they encouraged them to “just go and have fun.”

If I were a parent of a student about to enter St. Ignatius, I would be favorably impressed by the community spirit and excitement of the Sunset Mercantile Market!  As a matter of fact, I would happily grab a bite to eat on my way to the orientation. Yum!

Please do not close or scale back our beloved market!

Kathy Reed

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