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Letter to the Editor: Thankful for Kopp’s Strong Voice


Mr. Kopp lists things for which San Franciscans should be grateful as the country celebrates 246 years of independence. I would add to his list that we should be ever grateful that his voice is still strong. San Francisco would be infinitely poorer without him. 

Alberty Alioto 

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  1. Right on Alberty.

    Although I disagree with a lot of what Mr. Kopp says, I am also tremendously grateful that we live in a country where the freedom of having disagreement can evolve into an exchange that produces a beneficial result for all of us. That is why democracy works.

    Or as Winston Churchill is credited to have said: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried.”


  2. Actually, I could do without his regular gripes.
    To me he will always be connected with the move to raises the speed limit on City stretches of freeways to 65 mph, which has resulted in countless unnecessary deaths and injuries.


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