Then and Now

‘Then and Now’: Judah Street and 20th Avenue

Below: View of 20th Avenue at Judah Street looking north  toward Golden Gate Park, circa 1937. This photo, from the website, is labeled “17-Line MSRy streetcar #131.” Photo courtesy of a private collector/Western Neighborhoods Project/OpenSFHistory.

Above: The view looks quite a bit different 85 years later. The streetcar line on 20th Avenue is gone, and the N-Judah streetcar looks futuristic compared to the vehicle above (notice the “cow catcher” on the front). Also, the Chesterfield cigarette billboard is a relic from another era. Photo by Michael Durand.

If you have a historical photo of your home, neighborhood or some other part of the Sunset District and would like to submit it along with a current-day picture for consideration for publication, send an email to

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