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Press Release: New Traffic Route in Golden Gate Park

From the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department:

Work Begins on New Traffic Route in Golden Gate Park

This week, the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) are hard at work implementing a new traffic route around Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Drive and Middle Drive in Golden Gate Park to create a smoother southbound trip from the Outer Richmond, while preserving a safe route for bikes and pedestrians. 

This section of the project will allow drivers traveling south on Chain of Lakes Drive to turn eastbound onto a one-way MLK Drive to make their way to Sunset Boulevard, while the north half of this section of road will remain car-free for cyclists and pedestrians. 

This new traffic pattern is currently being worked on with SFMTA crews adding new paint and signage posts to indicate the bike route. K-rails will be installed next week starting on Tuesday, June 28 to separate car-free users from vehicles. Note that there will be intermittent road closures in the indicated construction area above to accommodate this work next week, and park users should utilize the sidewalk when occurring. 

This work follows the recent approval of permanent car-free streets in Golden Gate Park by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Stay tuned for an update and completion date next week.

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  1. Why can’t SF Park and Rec and our supervisors understand that closing a street affects both directions of traffic? So they close MLK to all vehicles and now will only open it to one way traffic east bound but the same traffic issues happen when people travel north bound on Sunset and need to drive west on MLK to get to Chain of Lakes. The traffic issues occur in both directions. This “solution” is a half solution. Same with the closure of the GH. You can go on it Friday morning but not Friday afternoon? Ridiculous. BOS, Park and Rec, SFMTA take note: Prop A failed and more will in the future if these asinine road closures and half baked mitigation efforts continue.

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    • The bikes can go both ways of course. Sunset voters rejected Prop. A because of the asinine decisions of this failed BOS. The majority do not want closed roads. We can stop them if we all vote on the ballot initiative to open JFK and the GH.


  2. Does this mean more or fewer obnoxious, scooter and bike illegal riders on the sidewalks in GGP?!

    Even when the street is closed, they still use the sidewalks! No signage! 😦

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  3. This is yet another shameful bowing to the motorists. Step by step The City is caving to the incessant whining of motorists and eliminating car free areas. San Francisco will never reach Vision Zero until The City stops catering to motorists and takes a firm stand.


  4. The Board passed “Car Free JFK”. They did NOT pass Car Free MLK! There is no reason to have MLK Drive closed. People driving vehicles should be allowed to come from Sunset Blvd down to Chain of Lakes to the Richmond as well as driving to and from the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields. This is just another example how SFMTA and Rec & Park just do whatever the hell they want without proper consideration from how this affects the majority of the public. AND OPEN THE GREAT HIGHWAY!!


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