letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Keep Newly Planted Trees Healthy


I have to commend the City and the Friends of the Urban Forrest for planting the hundreds of sidewalk street trees in and around the Sunset/Parkside neighborhood. It is gratifying to see so many new plantings taking place to beautify the surrounding blocks that had few or no trees growing. 

The trees contribute to a feeling of well-being, add to the character and improvement of the area, and increase property values.  

However, I am dismayed by the lack of care provided for these new plantings. Not that they are not supported with upright wooden stakes or not provided with the green watering bags, but rather the fact of their not being cared for by the people whose houses they are planted in front of.  

The City can only do so much to keep these newly planted trees watered enough to ensure their continued growth. It would be satisfying to see more residents make a concerted effort to keep these trees alive and healthy with some maintenance, which for the most part entails just giving these trees a drink of water a few times a month to allow them to grow and prosper. 

Given the expense the City has gone to plant these trees, it seems a shame to allow these newly planted trees to die from the lack of a few gallons of water per month.

Daniel Fulmer

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