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Letter to the Editor: Closing JFK Drive on Weekdays Does Not Serve the Greater Good


I attended the Board of Supervisors meeting that decided the fate of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park. Prior to the vote, there were presentations of studies that had no focus on the Monday-to-Friday closings. Of course, that was what the vote was about – to expand the weekend closures to every day of the week.

It did not matter to Board members that there are very few visitors to JFK Drive during the week and those who visit tend to stay on sidewalks where it is more pleasant and safer. It did not matter that civic institutions, like the de Young Museum, are still recovering from COVID closures and wanting better weekday access for visitors opposed the closure. It did not matter that Supervisors who represent constituencies from cross-town (out of cycling distance) opposed it or neighboring organizations like PAR opposed it.

The JFK Drive, a.k.a. “roadway,” is now primarily benefitting cyclists. Dedicated lanes were not enough. Concerns for others unable to cycle around town or cross town to visit the park were disregarded. This selfish “cycling” activism supported by Board members does not serve the greater good. Go visit JFK Drive on a weekday and see for yourself.

Curt Cournale

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  1. You are absolutely correct. Bicyclists own this town. And now, by way of their lapdog Gordon Mar, they are after the Great Highway again. The bicycle lobby is intent on turning this city into giant playground for cyclists. It doesn’t matter who loses access to the park or the highway, as long as those on bikes are unimpeded during playtime. These closures are elitism in action, as the only people who benefit from weekday closures are those with enough money to stay at home and play all day if they so desire, and those who can work from home (primarily, tech workers with high six-figure incomes) and take play-breaks whenever they want to. It’s heartbreaking that they should matter more than anyone else, and it’s completely immoral that they should matter more than our elderly and those with disabilities. What a horrible city this has become.


    • I could write plenty in response to yet another whine. I will be content to say. I am a 74 year old who from Day One has been and will be a Staunch Advocate for now PERMANENTLY car free JFK Promenade and eventually to be completely car free GreatWalkway


  2. Give us back the driving lanes all over Sf which are now red and hardly used by buses and taxis
    Geary street. Third street. Mission street church street. Market street Now jfk drive too?
    Stop the war on senior drivers. Stop wasting our time

    Stop make it taking literally twice as long getting across town. This horrible traffic re engineering hurts our quality of life a great deal.

    Make the supervisors wait in traffic an extra hour every day.
    Drivers pay taxes to maintain roads. Muni unsafe #covid, crime, dangerous Stop the war on senior drivers now.

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