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Letter to the Editor: Impressed by Kopp’s Ballot Recommendations


As always, I am impressed by the commentary by the Honorable Quentin L. Kopp, this time advice on ballot measures in the May issue of the Sunset Beacon, where he begins with the prose by Walt Whitman where he says “I know nothing grander than a well contested American national election”.

Kopp has given most informative advice on the local ballot measures, while Present Joe Biden has given praise for the 2020 president election where he won, and how perfect the election was run. Then came along the movie 2000 Mules showing  the 2000 moles around midnight dropping hands full of ballots into numerous ballot drop boxes.

Could it be now said that we have two presidents today, one for the Democratic Party, and a second for the American people?

Then there is the Roe v. Wade law being adjudicated in the Supreme Court with a preliminary 5 to 4 vote in favor of being unconstitutional which would deny women the right of having abortions. Which is causing women to protest in front of the houses of the Supreme Court justices.

I am reminded of the Christ Jesus when he was being crucified on the cross saying: “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.“  Today science knows it takes only one generation lost that will result in the extinction of a species, as had the dinosaurs from the crash of an asteroid from space .

Frank T. Norton

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  1. Dinesh D’Souza is a fraud. This movie is a fraud. True the Vote is a fraud.

    FACT: Making a movie with videos of people doing something and showing dots on a radar screen you say represent “mules”, is not evidence. Were that be the case all of the 60 something cases put before the court would not have been thrown out. Including by judges appointed by George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

    You have no idea whether said persons were turning in ballots from legitimate voters or not, or how said voters even voted. Those videos you see in the preview of the movie might be (and probably are) nothing illegal. Videos can easily been framed to portray something sinister. That lady you see dropping off a bunch of ballots at 1 am, might have done so from the ballots collected at a local church, all of whom are registered voters that got checked out — and something double or triple checked out.

    Because — The ballots themselves represent real voters and the ballots of those real voters are on a registration list.

    Let me repeat that again just in case you missed it. The ballots themselves represent real voters and the ballots of those real voters are on a registration list.

    So again this movie is a fraud. Dinesh D’Souza is a fraud. True the Vote is a fraud. Unable to win a single court case, these monsters decide to make a film to manipulate the weak minded.

    We do however know of Republicans who “harvested” votes and ballots in Florida and Texas that got prosecuted. Also of Republicans who voted more than once in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. And we even have Republicans paying someone to pretend to run for an legislative office in Florida with a similar hispanic name in order to split the hispanic vote against the real candidate.

    It is foolish to think there is any substance to this monstrosity.


  2. I rather believe any democrat election that had ever been run as a perfect election as our Democratic Party has promised . Just look at the Democrat socialist countries where the leader wins all the votes or in the U.S.A .elections where more votes are cast than the number of registered voters or number of persons in the district . Etc , etc .


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