letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Kopp Says What We Believe


We just wanted to thank you on behalf of this household – as well as our neighbors here in the Outer Sunset on The Edge of The Known World, who have come here from all over the world – for publishing what we think the esteemed Judge Kopp offers every issue of the Sunset Beacon. 

Judge Kopp says what we (mostly elders) think. Most of us have been San Franciscans for decades (e.g., our #2 son was born here in 1966) but we have, unfortunately, been witness to the degradation of sensibility from what we can still recall from our younger years here in days past.  So, Judge Kopp is a “hero” of sorts for so many of us across languages spoken, countries of origin, color of skin, short and tall, and some of us now bald. 

But, please don’t take this missive as “hero worship.” He’s just a guy who thinks, but then says, what so many of us elders do say to each other over our back fences. You give Judge Kopp a forum to say things that are patently unpopular these days in our fair city, so considerably different from the stuff that has seemed to have moved in a couple of decades ago and then took over this wonderful place that drew us from all over the world to come here, raise our kids, contribute to The Common Good (e.g., bringing San Francisco back from what happened late-1989), paying our way all along. 

Thank you again. 

David and Nancy, both of whom worked and saved up for and then diligently paid on our mortgage for 30 years and now own out here in The Outer Sunsetetter for decades.

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