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‘The Front Steps’: Another Richmond Remodel, Before & After

Last time we took a look at a recent remodel on the market folks had a lot of opinions, so let’s take a gander at another.

Renovation wars are always an easy formula for generating both interest and conflict–but in this case, we might have finally found something everyone can agree on.

When this now four bed, four bath Central Richmond home last sold in 2020, it was clearly in need of a little attention. In the ensuing years it got A LOT of attention instead–to the point that we wouldn’t blame anyone who wondered if this is really the same house.

We’ll let the photos speak for themselves: Here is 427 27th Avenue as it stood two years ago:

So, a neighborhood classic…at one time.

And here is the ostensible very same property as it appears in its latest listing now:

So this one is not so much night-and-day as it’s night and some other, completely different day a couple of years later.

Permits issued earlier this year cover two new bedrooms and baths, a remodeled living room and kitchen, and replacement for a lot of wood rot on the second floor.

The DBI estimates for expenses run over $200,000 on all that work, although in truth it was likely more than that–the city is not great at projecting labor costs.

In 2020, this place sold for the relatively ordinary price of over $1.36 million; the new price is nearly $2.16M.

Even those who are usually at daggers drawn over modern interiors will probably admit that this is an improvement;

But just because it’s better doesn’t mean everyone likes it. So tell us: What would you have done with this house, given the chance? And is it worth the markup now? There are no wrong answers–particularly if you’re a prospective buyer.

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