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Letter to the Editor: Opinion on Sandra Lee Fewer Commentary

Dear Editor and Readers of the Richmond Review:

I love your paper, I’m old school and I get excited every time I get a new issue delivered to my front door.

I was however highly bothered by Sandra Lee Fewer’s commentary in support to keep Chesa Boudin as the District Attorney. In her article, she truly believes that Boudin’s soft approach or lack thereof, to filing proper criminal charges still manages to scare away criminals from committing crimes in our beloved city. That is 100% a FALSE statement! Of course, criminals will flock to San Francisco to commit crimes, Mr. Boudin publicly announced to the entire Bay Area criminal network he will be easy and lenient on criminals and crimes!

I am in utter disbelief a well-educated person like Mrs. Fewer actually believes such nonsense. I respect her views as everybody has a right to believe what they want to believe, but to put it in print to have such false information disseminated throughout our city is outrageous!

Perhaps Mrs. Fewer should have taken the time to visit victims of crimes in our city since Mr. Boudin took office, or just come to my block and talk to the multiple victims in my block of break-ins and violent crimes. If you print pro-Mr. Boudin information, be fair and please print this letter that tells the truth, and gives the victims a voice.

Walter Rosales

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  1. We had at least 4 known attempted garage breakins… Not to mention catalytic converter stolen… And burglars recently used a crow bar to break down a neighbor’s side door in broad daylight! Enough is enough! We shouldn’t be afraid and we shouldn’t have to live everyday worrying about breakins or thefts!

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  2. You guys sound like children trying to denigrate the piece that Sandra Fewer wrote. She is right on about the recall. Follow the money!

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  3. You apparently didn’t comprehend what Ms. Fewer wrote. Among other reasons, she wrote that the D.A. cannot charge people whom the police don’t arrest.

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