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Letter to the Editor: Be Careful With Your Vote


In my two years of American law study and decades of serving on juries as a jury foreman,  I learned that two wrongs does not make a right ,

Yet, in the April 2022 edition of the the Sunset Beacon newspaper, the Honorable Quentin L. Kopp makes no mention in his his commentary regarding the president’s promise of appointing a Black woman to to the Supreme Court , and in the current Letter to the Editor it is left to Eileen Braunreiter to refer back to the March Kopp column where reference is made to the president of the United States promises to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court. These two wrongs does not make a right. The U.S. Constitution does not permit the nomination of both a person of gender and a person of color.

Both Kopp and the Congress should know that this is unconstitutional and the early voting has given 11 votes for by Republicans, and 11 votes against by Democrats, with the deciding vote by the vice president who is a Democratic White woman. 

This is a case that needs to be resolved by the Supreme Court. A 5 to 4 vote is not possible, but a 4 to 4 vote will be resolved by the vice president. Be careful for whom you vote for!

Frank T, Nortron

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  1. As the Supreme Court is supposed to be consisting of justices with knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and not being of a particular gender , or skin color or personal leanings such as the WOKE Judge Jackson who was nominated by the Congressional Committee who voted 73 to 67 and is slated to be installed into the Supreme Court in some three months at which time there is slated to be a open position on the Supreme Court .

    Let’s not count our eggs before they hatch . There is still time to right this wrong . The Constitution may still
    Prevail . There is time to have a 9 to 9 judgement for or against a law and not the usual 5 to 4 vote like a flip of a coin .


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