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‘Greg’s Gaffes’: Bison Traumatized by Oversight

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Missed Opportunity: Woman Forgets To Show Bison To Friend Visiting From Out Of Town

Too embarrassed to even look at the camera, one of the bison in Golden Gate Park is profoundly disappointed to have been snubbed during a recent tourist visit. Photo by Michael Durand, bison whisperer.

Absolutely gobsmacked at the lack of respect, the Golden Gate Park bison are slowly recovering after local woman Lindsey Lakestreet failed to show them off to her friend visiting from out of town. 

“We just can’t put it together,” said the bison. “We represent everything San Francisco stands for – wildlife preservation, natural beauty and space that should probably be converted into parking”. Locals who witnessed the incident quitely reprimanded Ms. Lakestreet for showing a complete disregard for decades of hard work by parks and recreation staff. 

“I saw her drive by on the way to Ocean Beach, and she didn’t so much as roll down a window for the handsome beasts,” said an anonymous pedestrian walking their goldendoodle. At press time, the Bison were overheard discussing how they would like to each move into studio apartments in SOMA, but due to rent prices, they would probably have to remain in the paddock for the time being.

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