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Letter to the Editor: Kopp Got it Wrong – Trump is Our Godfather


Regarding Quentin L.Kopp’s commentary “Help Make the World Safer,“ in the March 2022 issue of the Sunset Beacon, he may have struck out in his commentary: “I urge readers to divest themselves of any reverence or respect for Trump, a draft dodger,“ and yet his father enrolled Trump into a military school , where he received a high military rank. His book “The Art of the Deal“ was written in the form of “The Art of War,” the ancient book of warfare.

I wrote a correspondence to President Donald Trump that I looked at him as my God Father, and the God Father of all Americans. A second correspondence that his image should be carved into Mt. Rushmore.

Yet, Quentin L. Kopp has not referred to our President Joe Biden when he said at the recent State of the Union address: “Our economy is no longer a top-to-bottom economy, it is a bottom-to-top economy where we do not reduce wages, but reduce to price of the product.“ Nor the fact that the president is paying Putin billions of dollars for his oil, for which Putin is paying for his army and equipment in invading Ukraine, by the book, “The Art of War.”

Trump said to Putin you would not invade Ukraine if he was president and Putin asked why? ”Because i would have bomed all those fancy building towers in your city!  

Frank T. Norton

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  1. What are you talking about? You want to compare a ghost written “Art of the Deal” to “The Art of War” ? For what reason would that be other than you want to create a straw man argument.

    Then you elide to “the fact” that the president is paying Putin billions of dollars for his oil, for which Putin is paying for his army and equipment in invading Ukraine — which is not true at all. The United States does not get Oil from Russia. Period.

    More likely, it is true that Putin was enabled by the Trump Presidency. Unless you were not paying attention, Trump sent Giuliani to squeeze the Ukrainian president for merely initiating an investigation digging dirt up on Biden for arms. Also, did you miss the part about Russian spies infiltrating the NRA and funneling Russian money to Republicans.

    Interesting that you seem to be selective in your talking points, none of which have any substance. Unless you are trying to be sarcastic, because the logic of your comments is founded upon woeful historical reference.

    So Again — what are you talking About?

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  2. Another delusional Trump supporter brainwashed by the tens of thousands of “alternative facts” issued by Trump who ironically called others liars. The letter writer conveniently forgets that Trump wanted to defund NATO and damaged the relationship we had with our European allies while cozying up to Putin.

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