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Letter to the Editor: A Few Reasons to Oppose 2700 Sloat Housing Project


Having read the article about the proposed development at 2700 Sloat Blvd., these issues stand out as either unaddressed or under-scrutinized:

First and most obvious is that the building would be an absolute eyesore in our neighborhood. It has an appearance that would be more at home in San Diego or Florida than here in San Francisco. It will dominate and often block the ocean view of thousands of residents to the east.

Second is the impact the noise will have on the animals at the Zoo during construction, not to mention the neighbors. A building this size will require the driving of many piles down to bedrock. It’s a long, tedious, extremely loud and concussive process. The animals at our beloved Zoo will not understand the arguments put forward by YIMBY.

Third is the laughable idea put forward by YIMBY that “transit investments will come” from the City in the form of increased Muni service for the hundreds of new residents. Clearly YIMBY does not know Muni. It’s a naive statement at best, but really sounds like simply more pro-development double talk.

  Fourth is the dubious value of ground floor retail space incorporated into the design.  Always put forward to San Franciscans as a nice place for a coffee shop or bicycle shop, it could just as easily house a McDonalds.  It could also just remain vacant as do the ground floors of so many other similar projects already built around the city as developers seek top dollar rentals to recoup their investments.

Lastly and possibly most important, just who is this YIMBY that has taken such an interest in our neighborhood? They are a pro-development lobbying group originating in New York with branches in Chicago, Philadelphia, Florida and, of course, Los Angeles. The San Francisco branch of the organization lobbies for projects from San Jose to Santa Rosa to Sacramento and into the Gold Country. They have no particular interest in San Francisco or what makes our City so very wonderful, such as Ocean Beach, the Zoo and the distinctive character of our neighborhoods. They are just here to grease the wheels for another huge project that the community doesn’t need.

 Concerned citizens should demand that the Planning Department turn this crass project down.

Jeffrey Drake

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  1. The mess called “The Westerly” just 1 block down between 46th & 47th is still mostly empty. No retailers want anything to do with it since it was so poorly built. The only people who have moved in are those who were able to buy the low income units. It sat half built for over a year surely causing damage to all the exposed wood during the rainy season and fog during the summer months. There will most definitely be mold problems, The last thing we need is a second crappy and even bigger building next to it and to top it off the Irish Center has plans to rebuild soon as well.


  2. Great Letter! If you are opposed & want to STOP 2700 SLOAT, come on out to the Green Fest Block Party on Sunday, 3/13 @ 11 a.m. Between Sloat & Wawona @ 45th where you can FIND the SON-SF ~ Save Our Neighborhoods Team at our Table to Sign a PETITION to STOP / OPPOSE 2700 SLOAT! Thank you!


  3. I was saddened to read about the 12 story building proposal at 2700 Sloat Blvd. I agree that it will be an eyesore and will no way fit in with the current standard of single family residences. It seems the well-being of the animals at the zoo is not being considered. After all they are cherished residences of the neighborhood and deserve the utmost respect. The third point addressed is the transit investment. The thinking is not realistic.
    I grew up a few blocks from the zoo. It always amazed me as a child that I could hear the lions roar and the monkeys call. How will those sounds be heard or other animal noises with so much concrete blocking it
    This proposal needs to be abandoned. Leave the Ocean Beach area alone. It should not be blocked.


  4. Too much noise for the animals? As opposed to hearing children screaming all day? There *might* be a McDonalds?

    This is such a huge stretch, I hope you have some Bengay handy for that cramp.


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