Press Release

Press Release: Access Improvements Launched in Golden Gate Park

From San Francisco Recreation and Park Department

Access Improvements Launched in Golden Gate Park  

Shuttle overhaul, new accessible parking among commitment to seniors, people with disabilities   

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Starting Saturday, riders of Golden Gate Park’s free shuttle will enjoy major improvements, including new weekday service, an expanded route with connection to public transit, more stops, and less waiting, the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency announced today.  

In addition, construction will begin Monday on the Golden Gate Bandshell parking lot, adding 20 new accessible parking spaces, re-paving walking areas, and creating a new accessible path to the Japanese Tea Garden. Other access improvements include new curb ramps throughout the area.  

The improvements were based on feedback from older adults and the disability community during extensive public outreach through the Golden Gate Park Safety and Access Program. Both the major overhaul of the free shuttle and the parking lot are designed to increase access to Golden Gate Park and its cultural institutions.  

Shuttle improvements include:  

  • New weekday service from noon to 6 p.m. with pickup every 25 minutes 
  • Adding a third shuttle to existing weekend service from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with pickup every 15 minutes 
  • Connections to the Haight Ashbury neighborhood and its cafes, shops, and bus lines, as well as the park’s renovated Stanyan Street edge.   
  • Shuttle information that is easier to find and use online. 
  • New stops, including:  
    • Stow Lake Boathouse and café, with easy access to Strawberry Hill and its lakeside path, waterfall, picnic areas and Chinese Pavilion. 
  • Haight and Stanyan streets near Whole Foods Market with connection to Muni lines 7, 33 and 66.  
  • 10th Avenue/de Young Museum stop a short distance from the 5-Fulton and closer to the museum’s entrance than ever before.  

The shuttle previously ran along JFK Drive on weekends only. Since the pandemic began, its route was concentrated in the park’s eastern half, focusing on major institutions such as the Music Concourse and its museums, the Conservatory of Flowers and the Rose Garden.  

The enhancements beginning Saturday are the first phase in improving the Golden Gate Park Shuttle. More shuttle stops are planned, along with new seating, shelters, and additional informational signage.  

For more information on the Golden Gate Park Shuttle, click here. 


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    • In a major move to ignore the request of people who want to Open JFK Drive on the day the Governor made a move to remove 90% of the Emergency Orders, Rec and Park announced their plan to launch a more robust shuttle service system in Golden Gate Park, in spite of the fact that many disabled people claim the shuttle does not work for them.

      If our Supervisors want support from the public they should put the street closures on the ballot for the public to decide. If you want a strong voter turnout, this issue will get it for you.


    • There are no problems whatsoever. The City is bending over backwards to address the needs of The Entitled who will never be satisfied until they get what they want. Polluting and climate killing cars making the now car free JFK Drive a murderous roadway for The Entitled to speed through 24/7. With all due respect The City needs to stop this bowing down and tell all the whiners to stand down.


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