letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Looking Forward to Kopp’s Column


I look forward to Quentin L. Kopp’s monthly Commentary such as in the February 2022 issue: Recalls and Recology. Each monthly Commentary is the result of much knowledge, experience and research .

Reading the long commentary, it begins with the comment by former Vice President Theodore Rosevelt when he proclaimed: “The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency.“ We do not see much of that in America today, do wee?

Examples follow of the high cost of garbage collection which involves the amount of garbage left on the streets by citizens and the homeless. Next was the high cost of recalling three members of the Board of Education . 

Then there was the cost to the students when schools are either combined or closed. The problem is the cost and the large deficit money of public schools . Should the public school system be shut down? Students are leaving schools because housing costs tor families and teachers are very high, and a reductions of housing exists because some 40,000 housing units are vacant due to corporations have purchased them for investment .

Then the commentary ends with a letter by former President James Madison : “Equal laws promoting equal rights are the best guarentee of loyalty and love of country.”

Frank T. Norton

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