Historical Photos

Historical Photo: The Total Totem Pole

A classic shot looking up Point Lobos Avenue near the Great Highway around 1947. The Cliff House is visible in the distance, alongside the Whitney Totem Pole standing tall in the center of the frame, before it was cut in half and moved down the road. Photo courtesy of a private collector/Western Neighborhoods Project/OpenSFHistory.

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  1. Totem poles ? I have two of them purchased one from the S.F. Alemany Flea Market , one that came from Canada and was 6 foot high with wings outstretched and learned that to obtain another one could be carved at around $2,000 per foot . The second from an antique store in Alameda that came from Cambodia same height but with the wings hanging down . My interest was in the thunderbird that l had seen many times in my vacations in Puerto Vallarta Mexico flying very high over the bay of Banderas . My interest was highlighted by my wife who’s mother was an American Choctaw Indian and her father a Cherokee Indian . Where have all the Thunderbirds gone ?


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