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Letter to the Editor: Reasons to Recall School Board Members


I’d be surprised if I’m the only person you’ve heard from prompting you to post a blended summary of the following two pieces.

One is an article by Heather Knight in the SF Chronicle and the other an OpEd piece by Matt Gonzalez in which he articulates his reasons for supporting the Feb. 15 recall of three Board of Education commissioners.



It has been almost 50 years since I lived in the Richmond District where I grew up and attended local schools, playgrounds, etc.

Three years ago I became alarmed and got involved with the effort to protect, preserve and educate students and community alike to the intrinsic educational/historical value of Victor Arnautoff’s Life of Washington murals.  

The Richmond Review/Sunset Beacon has done a wonderful job of covering that issue. 

I’m too old and don’t care to get into useless back-and-forths with readers who oppose this recall vote. They’re either indifferent to the trespasses and irresponsible actions of this School Board or they refuse to acknowledge facts as they are. 

Paul Judge

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  1. Matt Gonzalez is among many from across the political spectrum supporting the School Board Recall. John Burton and Quentin Kopp, not known for agreeing with each other, support the Recall. And five former School Board Commissioners who know the job and challenges of being on the School Board endorse it as well. (Jill Wynns, Dan Kelly, Eddie Chin, Carlota Del Portillo and Fred Rodriguez — the SF Voter Information Pamphlet has their ballot statement).

    The School Board recall vote is a message that we care deeply about our public schools and want commissioners who are fully focused on supporting the academic success of our students and on carrying out the oversight and budgetary responsibilities of their elective office.

    Mail in your ballot or leave it at one of the 34 official drop boxes on or before February 15 or go to your polling place that day to vote Yes on the School Board Recalls, Propositions A, B, and C!


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