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Letter to the Editor: Stop These Wasteful Recalls


I’ve been a San Francisco resident for over 50 years.

Now the City is spending $3.2 million (that it can scarcely afford) to recall three SFUSD School Board members.

This is a real waste of city funds because these three members would have been up for re-election in November – less than a year from now!

We have elections, people elected these three members and now we have a group of millionaires funding this recall. Just like the money the State wasted on a recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom by another group of Republican millionaires.

I urge SF voters to reject this ploy to give Mayor London Breed more power – she would appoint all the folks that would be recalled.

Vote NO on the School Board Recall. Send a message: ELECTIONS MATTER –  STOP THESE WASTEFUL RECALLS.

Nancy DeStefanis

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  1. These people don’t care about wasting taxpayers money. Everyone of them is spoiled rotten. They all know there’s an election in November. No matter to these People. They want it Now. Pathetic and regrettable. VOTE NO and send a message that this treacherous use of the electoral system will not go unpunished.


    • The only ones wasting taxpayer dollars are the elected officials that will be recalled. Was debating whether was Paul Revere was racist a good use of taxpayer dollars while our children and teachers were at home trying to teach through screens? What about changing Lowell’s admission’s policy while Lowell students were missing out on the best years of their lives due to the board’s nonexistent COVID policy? These three are political hacks with no interest in serving the children or families of SFUSD. I will be glad to see them go.


  2. It is surprising that folks angry about the cost of the democratic recall are not angry at Ms. Collins’ $87 million suit against the SFUSD and her fellow commissioners. Her suit was declared “Without Merit” by the judge. SFUSD had to pay legal fees to defend against her suit.
    One pressing issue you did not mention is that the BoE will be appointing our next Superintendent of Schools BEFORE the next election. Would you really want someone that sued our school district because her colleagues demoted her to pick the next School Superintendent??


  3. Angry? Why not? The Recall people are pitching themselves as the neighborhood good government citizens. Rubbish!! Absent the funding from deep pocket right wingers who hired mercenaries to collect signature this nonsense measure would never have reached the ballot. Please spare me the Civics 101 talking points. This is all blatant hard core nasty politics funded by the worst of the worst this country, America, can dredge up.


      • FYI. We put two kids through SFUSD. Moving right along. The School Board incumbents broke NO laws. The reality is that MAGA camp followers and deep pockets right wingers view local School Board’s as fertile ground to spread their extreme views. The local effort is redolent with this funding. Sadly local parents are being played. This naivete will catch up with the people who make league with these Reactionary cadres


  4. TRUTH will prevail and the MAGA Reactionary attempt to takeover San Francisco will be vanquished.. I posted the above referenced 48 Hills piece on my Twitter feed late this morning. So far over 1253 people have looked at it. This West Side howling and whining in its attempt to destroy the Democratic process will be recognized for what it is. An attempted political coup d’etat


  5. Let’s pause a minutes. Exactly how many “MAGA Reactionary” voters do we have in our City??The $3 million cost to The City is a waste. But so is the cost to SFUSD of paying legal fees because of the Board’s legal Violation of the Brown Act – twice, and so was the cost of defending Ms. Collins $87 million law suit, judged to be WITHOUT Merit, and so is the loss of families to SFUSD because they have lost faith in the BoE. If you check the last election, the three candidates each received 13-15% percent of all the votes spread among the candidates, not exactly an overwhelming endorsement. This is a democratic Recall. If you are against the Recall, share what actions of the BoE you agree with and share how the Board has used the best priorities during this difficult time with the increasing deficit and the pandemic. Let’s try to stick with the issues. If you support Mr. Moliga, remember that he was appointed by Mayor Breed. Respectfully, San Francisco Resident and Balboa Graduate


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