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Letter to the Editor: SF Board of Education’s Leadership Failures


SF Board of Education Commissioner Matt Alexander’s article title proved that he is a loyal foot soldier for the controversial, extremist faction of the BOE and his unsupported musings demonstrate how out of touch “Teachers for Social Justice” are with the wide spectrum of respected elected officials – past and present – who have united to support the YES on the Recall Campaign. 

He falsely claims wealthy donors were primarily behind the very impressive grass roots volunteers to obtain 80,000+ petition signatures to Recall Collins, Moliga & Lopez – supported by Mayor Breed, Scott Weiner, John Burton, Art Agnos, Matt Gonzalez, Bill Lee, Emil DeGuzman, Bayard Fong, Larry Griffin, Jill Wynns, Dan Kelly, etc. Alexander is a complicit actor whose reckless votes accelerated the downfall of the SFUSD, and his recent article fails highlights his flawed reasoning and an alarming ability to misrepresent the BOE record. He cannot defend disappointing facts, questionable decisions and/or lack of governance by the SFUSD Board. 

Here’s why you should support the Recall:

> Failed Leadership – ignored expert advice and/or community participation- Voted to white wash or remove the George Washington High School Murals

> Wholesale 44 school name change without merit during the pandemic – more important to change the name in front of schools than to safely welcome students into schools

> Lowell academic admission policy change to a lottery system

> Lack of pre-planning (2021) to reopen schools re: COVID-19

> Last school district in the nation to open schools

> Collins’ $87 million frivolous lawsuit – Board decided not to claim legal fees from Collins’

> Failed programs re: Equity-Math-Literacy

> $125 million budget deficit and growing

> State Board of Education threatens to take over the SFUSD

> three lawsuit defeats;

GWHS Murals, Name Change, Brown Act Violation, Lowell Academic Admission Policy, Brown Act Violations. The SFUSD Board does not have education and/or student needs as their primary priority – ulterior political agenda takes precedent.  SFUSD Board has lost their way.

San Francisco deserves better education leadership than commissioners who want to springboard on to higher office.

Lope Yap, Jr., vice president GWHSAA, Senior Class president Spring 1970.

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  1. I am grateful for Mr. Yap’s logical and persuasive reasons to support the recall. San Francisco does deserve better educational leadership, I agree.


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