letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: A Reply to Quentin L. Kopp’s “Good Riddance 2021” Column


In the January 2022 issue of the Sunset Beacon, in Quentin L. Kopp’s commentary “Good Riddance 2021,” he writes he is a co-founder of the proposed Common Sense Party for participation in the June 7, 2022 primary election . 

He also wrote: ”in this new year, many Americans no longer celebrate the arrival of it, they celebrate survival of the old year!”

Regarding the old year, most deaths were caused by people taking the drug Fentanyl, or pregnant women aborting their fetuses. During last year, after the presidential elections, on the first day of new President Joe Biden’s term, by executive actions, our country was made a non-country without borders and a land that became a dumping place for other countries of their criminals and undesirables.

Then, with the administration printing trillions of dollars of paper money with nothing backing it up, inflating our money to where it is becoming of little value to the world’s currency. No, I think 2021 was a bad year, but 2022 and the following years will be much worse!

Frank T. Norton

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