letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Replace SF Board of Ed with PTA

Dear Editor ,

I am impressed by the December commentary by the Honorable Quintin L., Kobb where he begins with the quote “Upon the education of the people of this country the fate of this country depends.” He continues with the San Francisco voters will have the opportunity of recalling certan members of the (WOKE) Board of Education 

To this I add that the Board of Education has overspent some $150 million dollars , and the State of CA may have the opportunity to take over the SF Board of Education. 

Why cannot the Board of Education be replaced with the former (PTA) Parent Teachers Association that would prevent the parents who attend the SF Board of Education meeting from rioting and be arrested by the FBI , that has happened in other cities? 

What is next? When one looks at the Oakland Board of Education who have eliminated the D and F grades to prevent the problems with the failing students, What are the problems here that could not be prevented if the SF Board of Education went back to neighborhood schools?

Frank T. Norton

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