Press Release

Press Release: The Cliff Moving Picture Gallery

An after dark projected artwork animating 
windows of the former Cliff House

The Museum at the Cliff has recently come to life at night with video projections animating the windows with photos from the buildings history.  Photo by Allen Fish. I am thrilled to announce the recent unveiling of a special after dark video artwork animating windows of the former Cliff House with historic photos and motion pictures. 

This is currently on view every evening from 5 – 10PM, thru the end of March 2022. Called “The Cliff Moving Picture Gallery” this installation illuminates the windows of the museum with diverse scenes of the Cliff House and connected sites.  Each month we will be unveiling a new video that explores a visual history of these sites.


Every evening the windows of the Cliff House come to life with photos and movies of the buildings past. Video courtesy Rick BellamyJointly, artist Ben Wood and Western Neighborhoods Project (WNP) with support from the Prelinger Archives and the National Park Service have installed a projected video artwork that shares historic animated visuals with the general public through three northerly-facing windows in support of WNP’s temporary exhibition, The Museum at The Cliff. 

This 4-Part projected video installation, presents animated sequences showing historic still photographs and motion pictures sourced from archival collections held by the Western Neighborhoods Project (WNP), the GGNRA Park Archives and Records Center (PARC), and the Prelinger Archive. Imagery will show change over time at the Cliff House through the sequenced montage of commercial photography and studio portraits, amateur snapshots, found footage and B-roll that also show the Sutro Baths, Sutro Heights Park, and Playland at the Beach.  

During December we will be presenting photos from the OpenSFhistory collection of visitors to the Cliff House over the past century as well as photos of the Cliff House site evolving over time. 

This experience is free and can be viewed on 3 northerly facing windows of Cliff House in the evenings, from sundown to 10:00pm, and rotating monthly through the end of March 2022.

Important dates connected to this work include: ● December 4, 2021: Premiere of Projection #1
● January 8, 2022: Premiere of Projection #2
● February 12, 2022: Premiere of Projection #3
● March 12, 2022: Premiere of Projection #4 

The Museum at the Cliff has recently come to life at night with video projections animating the windows with photos from the buildings history.  

We want to include your Cliff House history in this 4-part installation.

Do you have photos, films or videos of your time with friends and family at the former Cliff House or the area around it?
We want to see your memories, past and present! You can do this by:

1. Sending digital files (jpgs preferred) to the artist:

2. Send or drop off negatives, photographs, or films for either Western Neighborhoods Project or the Prelinger Archives to digitize for you, free of charge. All digitized materials will then be added to the WNP and/or Prelinger collection. 

Materials to be digitized can be delivered to the WNP Office + Gallery at 1617 Balboa Street, SF, CA, 94121.FINANCIAL SUPPORT
Your tax-deductible donations to WNP help offset the cost of equipment and pay other programmatic expenses.

Mail a check made out to “Western Neighborhoods Project” at 1617 Balboa Street, SF, CA, 94122. Please note that this is for the “Cliff House Projection” on your check. Please contribute to this effort.

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