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Letter to the Editor: Closure of the Upper Great Highway is Idiotic


Closure of the Upper Great Highway, at all, is idiotic. But if a so-called “compromise” must be imposed, who came up with the idea of closing at noon on Fridays?

Anyone with half a brain realizes that the status of this roadway, as well as that of JFK Drive, should be up to the voters of San Francisco, who reside here and pay taxes here and try to get around here as best they can. 

Between the Upper Great Highway and JFK Drive, how is a Sunset resident (or anybody south of Golden Gate Park) supposed to get to the Richmond District (or anywhere north of the park), or vice versa? Don’t be asinine enough to say Chain of Lakes Drive. Just what brilliant planning would come up with that as an alternative “thoroughfare?” It’s narrow and curvy, but who cares if there are more vehicular accidents/injuries/deaths as long as the bicyclists can do whatever they want, any time they want to do it, to the exclusion of whomever they don’t want to share with.

And who are the cronies of the Bicycle Coalition anyway? Not only is it obvious, but it’s pathetic beyond belief.

Steve Moran

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    • Be honest for a moment. Not one Entitled motorist has been precluded EVER from driving north south since April 2020. I have photos of a bumper to bumper Entitled motorists on Chain of Lakes when The Great Walkway is open for The Entitled to drive through. These specious talking points are boring and false


  1. The Upper Great Highway serves very few Sunset residents because its only access to the Sunset is at Lincoln. The only other UGH access is Sloat which serves the Parkside neighborhood.

    Anyone with half a brain realizes that the best, reasonable, and efficient ways to drive a car between the Sunset and Richmond neighborhoods is using 19th ave. or Sunset Blvd to. Lincoln/Great Highway. That applies to most Parkside residents as well. “Cutting through” Golden Gate park demeans and insults the recreation, relaxation, and stress relieving purpose the park is designed, intended, expected, and dedicated to provide to its visitors.

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    • Oh, the 19th Avenue that has big “construction, use alternative routes” signs on it? Oh, and closing the GH means more cars have to cut through Chain of Lakes to get north as evidenced by the D4 mobility studies own traffic studies where they recommended mitigation of that choke point.


  2. It’s so nice some of your readers have opportunity to use other means of transportation. I need my vehicle , I’m older and it’s difficult to use alternative transportation. Closing the easiest north south route between Richmond and sunset is probably causing more pollution via gas powered vehicles sitting in traffic jams on sunset and 19th ave ( which has lanes closed most every day for repairs) these cone heads who randomly guess at the percentage of the ozone they are saving by closing the GH like Mr. Elliot.He uses these figures to condemn the usage of a main artery N/S . Mr. Elliot could help reduce emissions by concentrating his efforts on closing highway 101. Nice that he can still ride a bike, it’s a little difficult for a disable person to ride a bike. Peter Batanides Richmond district


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