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Press Release: Pilot Program – Food Trucks on the Upper Great Highway

From the SF Recreation and Park Department:

Pilot Program Welcomes Food Trucks to Great Highway

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department today announced the launch of a three-month pilot program for food trucks on the Upper Great Highway during days the roadway is closed to vehicle traffic.

Viva Vegan, a plant-based burger truck, began serving its fare Sunday in the northbound lane of the Great Highway at Judah Street. It will be there Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

California Kahve, will begin serving organic espresso and matcha from its vintage caravan this Saturday. It will be stationed in the northbound lane of The Great Highway at Taraval Street on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Department will continue to expand the pilot program through its rolling request for proposals process. For more information on how to participate, email Brian DeWitt at

The Great Highway is currently closed to vehicles from noon on Fridays to 6 a.m. on Mondays, as well as on holidays.

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  1. Who did not see this coming? There are ample nearby streets and other public parking areas fro the food trucks. Next they will attempt to bring food trucks into Golden Gate Park. When does the public have a voice in selloff of public property?

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  2. This certainly adds credence to the rumor I heard that the reason the highway closes at noon on Fridays is to give stage crews time to set up for Friday nights shows on the Great Food Truck-way. It just gets more and more absurd….

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    • Wow! You are right. There are many groups of people working to change the way we live without our knowledge or consent. People who object are forming a lot of effort to return the power to the people. Links to a few of them are down the left column of this site:
      There is a state ballot initiative seeking to amend the state constitution to protect our neighborhoods from corporate takeover and upzoning:
      Links to actions to Open the Great Highway and JFK are there as well. If you are looking for actions to take on an issue that you feel strongly about, check out these links and do what you can.


  3. Where was the public input on this ? Suddenly the residents of the Lower Great Highway have a new view of garbage generating food vendors and badly painted trucks ? Are Porta potties next ? I feel that this decision has been made in back rooms and is a violation of the Brown Act and the Sunshine Ordinance . The Great highway is a ROAD and has been one for 92 years .It is not a park or entertainment venue . OPEN THE GREAT HIGHWAY for it’s proper use .


    • Porta potties and probably those hideous handwashing stations no doubt, and guess who is footing the bills? Time to do a little more than slap the hands that are taking from us? The city worries about looting luxury stores in Unioin Square while the public is being robbed of access to our public property? Something needs to change.


  4. I love it! Even more motivation take my constitutional on the Great Highway. I will say, though, that I wish the Great Highway would close for cars on Fridays at 6 pm. Otherwise, I’m very pleased with the split-use solution.


  5. All part of the long term plan for San Francisco to be a leader in innovative policies to preserve the environment. This is a marvelous decision which will bring more people of all ages from San Francisco and around the World to enjoy The Great Walkway 👍 Let’s Samba on down to The Great Walkway and celebrate.


  6. This is disgusting. Advertising for MasterCard is already set to enter Golden Gate Park when Lyft’s “BayWheels” invades with some 30 stalls.

    We can also expect to see rental bikes and cycles installed here. Because a park is only a venue; natural environment is to despoil; and everything is about careerism and myopic “planning.”


  7. The hypocrisy in this decision is staggering: no private cars because they “pollute” but huge gas-powered trucks with low MPG are ok.
    “Rules for thee, not for me.”

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  8. The reality. The Entitled couldn’t care less about the food trucks. The Entitled realize those outside the Spoiled I want My Way on The Highway posse that the food trucks are an enhancement to THE GREAT WALKWAY. Translation. THE GREAT WALKWAY will grow in popularity. To all of you car addicted. Support your Local GREAT WALKWAY food truck


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