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Letter to the Editor: UGH Cyclists Violating Vehicle Codes


I’ve done a little research into the many violations of vehicle codes and the SF Transportation Code by the Thursday evening “Slow Ride” participants. It turns out, they are in violation of SF Transportation Code sec. 7.3.3 and are subject to fines over $100,000 for Repeated Obstruction of traffic without a permit. Yet the police are instructed to not enforce the law. The police officers and our political office holders took an oath to uphold our laws. They are in breach of that oath. Time for some citizen arrests?

Terry McDevitt

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    • Lee Heidhues, like Trump, YOU LOST and the Great Highway is again open to cars. If the slow rides continue the backlash may mean you lose even more if the GH is opened to cars all Friday as people get fed up with the antics of a dozen people trapping, yes trapping, people since once on the GH there’s no way of getting off between Lincoln and Sloat. We already have had stories of people late to work as a health care provider, a woman responding to a relatives phone call re a possible medical emergency and being trapped on the Great Highway because of this illegal activity. People see that your side won’t compromise so why bother? Open the GH all the time.

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      • Dear Terry: My question is who is telling the SFPD not to enforce the vehicle code and protect, not arrest, these entitled miscreants who want exclusive use of a heavily traveled and needed highway in and out of SF? Is it the mayor? Phil Ginsburg? The BOS? Many of us have called the Taraval Station to complain about these disgusting people who imprison drivers on a highway with no exit for 2 miles, going 2-5 mph. Many times we get get sympathy from whoever answers the phone. Supervisors in private commiserate with us about these entitled protesters, but publicly, no one says anything to condemn these actions. Who is behind letting this dangerous condition continue? Silence from elected officials condons and encourages this behavior. Does the bike lobby run this town?


  1. For the record, they’re also in violation of California Vehicle Code sections 21202 and 22400, article 4, sections 366 and 374 of the San Francisco Police Code, and article 7, sections 7.03(a) and 7.17 of the San Francisco Park Code, among many other laws. But because they’re the predominantly white, privileged, Bike Coalition, the City turns a blind eye.


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