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Letter to the Editor: I am Not Allowed to See My Wife at Laguna Honda Hospital


I, my brother and a friend of my wife are not allowed to visit or call my wife at Laguna Honda Hospital.

An official arbitrarily cancelled two appointments I made on the Laguna Honda website. The official claimed we couldn’t see my wife because she has physical therapy all day. My wife said she gets two hours of physical therapy a day, at most.

My wife’s friend had an appointment to see my wife on Oct. 29 at noon. When she arrived at the hospital, she was ushered upstairs. The charge nurse said my wife was transferred to SF GENERAL HOSPITAL. That was a bold-face lie, because I called SF GENERAL and she was NOT transferred there!

I am hoping someone who reads this can help me. Thank you for sharing this.

Robert Altman, (415) 585-2233.

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  1. You might try joining San Francisco Village (reduced rate for low-income seniors) and talk to Jessica da Silva, Wellness Coordinator, who works there on Mon & Wed. You could also talk to Jill Elefson. Village phone no. is 415-387- 1375.


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