Letter to the Editor: Documentary on Stephanie at Gus’


Good morning and hope that the week is off to a good start over there at the Richmond Review. We know that you like local Bay Area stories with unique characters. We think we have a great documentary for you. With a lot of original San Francisco business no longer here, we believe the timing is great to share our film with you.

Our short doc profiles Stephanie,  the owner of San Francisco’s oldest independent bait and tackle shop.  Stephanie is full of jokes and charisma. She embodies what it means to be a San Franciscan. 

We would be really appreciative if there was any way you could help promote our documentary in any form. A simple re-tweet, a mention on social media or even an article would go a long way. We put a lot of time and resources into this project and we just want as many eyes on this film as possible.

You can watch the documentary here:   

Paul Overstrom

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    I hope you are reading this comment. Remember when I wrote my remembrances of growing up in the Richmond District and of my memories of my dad & I going to Gus’ before heading out to the beach to surf fish? This video just took me back 60-65 years. I don’t remember the woman in the video, Gus’ daughter, but the photo of the building & inside the shop and of Gus struck me like a thunderbolt! I remember him, not that I chatted with him as a 10 year old kid, but I remember my dad talking to him about the striped bass runs we hoped to run into at the beach from Playland to the Zoo. And of the sardines and Hopkins lures we got there to catch the bass. Oh man, great video! Resurrected great memories of surf fishing with my dad at the beach!


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