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Letter to the Editor: “Sand Versus the Ocean is No Contest!”


Observing the ongoing more or less losing battle against the Pacific Ocean’s non stop onslaught against the bluffs south of Sloat Blvd; threatening the roadway and much more importantly, the pump station, underground piping and sewage treatment plant, who in their right mind thinks the dumping of 275,000 cubic yard of dredged shipping channel sand west of the roadway is going to do anything except wash away in very short order?  Sand versus the ocean is no contest! 

S.F. has tried this a couple of times in years past with a fleet of dump trucks transporting thousands of truckloads of sand from the north end of Ocean Beach and dumping it south of Sloat Blvd, to no avail after 6 months or so, always washed away in short order. 

Already, after finishing the dredged sand dumping, the ocean has washed away significant amounts of new sand to the north, as it’s done for the 75 years I’ve been witnessing the beach and ocean activity.  I know it is difficult to get around all the environmental, Coastal Commission, EPA, and other concerned group hurdles about how and what is to be done, but the obvious answer to me at least, is to dump huge boulders, rip rap and other material west of the roadway that will  permanently stop the constant erosion process of the oceans waves, winds and high tides, especially when occurring during huge winter storms. 

They have done this in Pacifica near the public pier and it has been very effective in protecting the area from the pounding storm waves. I don’t understand how a variance could not be obtained if this sort of solution is prevented by various agency’s. If environmental concerns say boulders, rip rap, etc., is not a “natural” solution to the problem, surely 275,000 cu. yds. of sand dumped in place of boulders, rip rap, etc. is not either. 

Surely the safety and health of all San Franciscan’s are gravely threatened if the pump station, underground pipes and sewage treatment plant are subjected to failure if the constant erosion is not stopped.  As it stands now, this expensive sand replacement is a temporary solution to a permanent problem, a fools quest that will have to be repeated every few years at ever increasing costs to everyone.   

Daniel Fulmer   

San Francisco

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  1. The toxic and environmentally destroying cars moving along the oceanside have done more to ruin the coastline than anything else. The Entitled motorists refuse to admit the reality. Sad.


  2. The toxic and environmentally destroying cars also take people to a workplace 30-40-60 miles south to a job. Riding a bike or motorcycle is not an option for most people. And if you think public transportation is an option, that means adding 3 or more hours to a commute time per day.

    It must be nice to feel superior to others and demean their desperate existence to go to work so they can afford to live in this city. You want people who have to live in Livermore or Tracy to not drive their car to their job in San Jose because they feel “entitled” ? WTF. What options do people have. Taking multiple layers of transit isn’t really an option when it adds 3 hours to your commute time. I suggest you stop demonizing cars until we live in a society that actually invests in public infrastructure so that there are real options.

    Closing down streets doesn’t make people who need to drive 60 or miles per day to get to a job all of sudden think “gee, I guess I should now ride my bicycle 60 miles a day in the driving rain to save the planet from ecological destruction.” Tell that to 62 year grandmother with bad hips dude.

    So stop make the onus of the current ecological destruction an individual choice. There is more to the problem than just cars — herbicides, micro-plastics, waste disposal, land (mis)management by corporate agriculture, CAFO’s. This has to be a societal investment and organized from every single angle of necessary change. Blaming people won’t do a thing at all except make you feel superior. (newsflash: you are not superior.)

    Otherwise it’s just a delusion of micro-incrementalism, or some moral banter with nothing to show for it.

    Why don’t you yourself “admit to reality”, feeling so “entitled” to your own moral rectitude?


  3. Funny how you source yourself.

    I didn’t realize Denmark had 500 foot hills all over the place like we do here in San Francisco. Denmark also has excellent public transportation.

    If you think saying 1200 miles of roadway in San Francisco means anything, then you have no clue about the reality of driving in a city that concentrating drivers into bottlenecks and creates endless traffic jams. Shuttling everyone who goes to the Hwy 1 south from the Great Highway onto Sloat or Sunset increases traffic, causing stops and starts of automobiles — which actually increases pollution btw.

    Feel free to die on the holy cross, but I don’t think you truly understand what you are talking about since you refuse to address any of my valid points, and prefer to just link to some article you wrote which just regurgitates what you already believe. Sad.


  4. Actually, posting this kind of nauseating slander is what “sucks”.

    Just because you don’t like the compromise Mrs. Chan made between those who want the great walkway 7 days a week and those who wanted the Great Highway open 5 days a week, does not give you the right to accuse her of being the “daughter of oil industry.”

    Because her parents are not connected to the oil industry at all. You are making this heinous accusation merely because you equate her compromise decision with something the oil industry supports instead of the realism that guess what — some people need to use their cars to commute to work.

    That picture is an insulting display of your inability to respect an honest discussion with the legitimate needs of other people in your community who are not like you and your clan. But since you want 100% compliance to your views, you prefer to lambast a decent public servant with a fallacious poster.

    The great highway closes at noon on Friday and opens up at 6am on Monday. That’s called a compromise. Just because you don’t like the compromise does not give you the right to slander Mrs. Connie Chan. That’s what children do.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.


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