letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: SF Leaders Falling Short on Climate Change Reduction Measures


San Francisco’s leaders keep showing us they’re not up to the enormous mitigation and adaptation efforts needed for SF to survive climate change.  Just as they’ve failed to reduce traffic deaths with their watered down version of Vision Zero, their actions on climate change are a lot of noise that has accomplished almost nothing. 

For example, they are wasting our money and resources to sue the state for water that doesn’t exist.  We’re in a megadrought, a megadrought made worse by climate change, yet our leaders believe it’s better to go to court than listen to the science and take concrete, physical actions – like installing blackwater recycling, fixing our sewer/rainwater system, increasing permeable surface area, and much more.  If our leaders can’t follow the simple science that makes Vision Zero work in other places, how can we trust them with climate change?

 Ellen Koivisto

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