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‘The Front Steps’: Meet the Hanson Residence, Outer Richmond’s Only Landmark

San Francisco has 292 city-designated historic landmarks. While most SF neighborhoods sport at least a handful of historic hotspots, and the Inner Richmond boasts half a dozen in its own right, in the Outer Richmond there is just one: The Alfred G. Hanson Residence at 126 27th Avenue.

The Hanson house is one of the earliest still-extant homes built in the Richmond, the product of architect John Charles Flugger, a Richmond native who designed several post-1906 quake homes in and around the neighborhood, though only this one gets singled out as especially significant.

What’s so important about it? Other than its age and the Flugger legacy, the Hanson Residence (named for its original owner, a naval instructor) is prized for its architectural flourishes.

The paperwork for its 1989 landmarking highlights the “detached position on a wide lot,” “unique roofline,” and “shingle style architecture with numerous flared edges” as valuable artifacts of that latter age. Look around the neighborhood and see how many other houses reflect some of this style.

If you’re curious, the house is still a private residence–it last listed in 1995, selling for $840,000, about $1.5 million today.

In the current market, a four-bed, three-bath house like this would probably fetch millions more. But owning a landmark means that homeowners are subject to even more scrutiny by the Planning Department than usual if they want to make changes to a property, which may inject a little extra wariness into some buyers.

Would you buy a landmarked home if it came to the market? And do you think the Outer Richmond has more sites that deserve landmark status? Let us know.

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