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Letter to the Editor: ‘JewBelong’ Aims to #stopjewhate


With so much insight and news that the Sunset Beacon newspaper brings to the table, I thought it would be a good idea to reach out about JewBelong’s mission to #stopjewhate with their new multi-media advertisement campaign on digital and hot pink billboards. This campaign is currently live and debuting in NYC, DC, Philly, Miami and San Francisco. JewBelong’s mission to #stopjewhate is being seen and talked about by the likes of The Washington Post, Religious News Service, FOX 5 New York among many others. 

Some may say this campaign may be a little extreme, but JewBelong’s comeback to this is “We’re just 75 years since the gas chambers. So no, a billboard calling out Jew hate isn’t an overreaction.” and we are right there with them! Check out more social media post like these on their Instragram #stopjewhate campaign @jewbelong. 

Some more facts about this important campaign:

*JewBelong is spending close to $400,000 on the ads in the hopes that it might raise consciousness about the need to uproot hatred of Jews.

*The #stopjewhate campaign that includes messaging on billboards in high traffic areas, online as part of a national social media campaign, and on jewbelong.com.

Amy Javier

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  1. Much of the resentment towards Jews (which is a religion with many sects and not a race or ethnicity) derives from the nefarious activities of the amoral atheists who run Israel’s government.

    These create the problem, and efforts might be better directed towards curbing Israel’s abuses as well as removing every single illegal settlement and paying a fair restitution for wrongs committed to Palestinians.

    Then, and only then, will resentment start to subside.


  2. The Nazis were racist. They were exterminating Jews, not because of their religious views, but because they were regarded as inferior beings. Race is a social construct, but it is used by oppressors to define people. The Nazis would look at your name, your face, etc. So, Judaism can also be regarded as a race, since it is part of who you are, separate from your beliefs, and it is used as an excuse to persecute and murder you. Race has no biological meaning separate from its use as a social construct.


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