Block by Block

“On the Road With Block by Block – Vacation Photos From the Bahamas”

By Eloise Kelsey

Block by Block is back, but this time with photos exploring the three mile island in the Bahamas, Harbour Island. After spending a week in Dunmore Town, here are the snapshots I took of the Bahamian landscapes and people.

The view outside of the tiny airplane window looking over the marbled western Atlantic Ocean.
Taxi Driver in North Eleuthera.
Dogs greet me on the dock before I board a water taxi headed to Harbour Island.
The sign doesn’t lie…. the island is home to friendliest people!
Naya lounges outside in the heat.
Maxi fishes in the coral reefs.
Caroline Macou hides from the sun.
Bahamian sunset.
DJ at Sammy’s Bar.
Oftentimes, the easiest way to get from point A to point B is by boat.
Inside of the historic Preacher’s Cave on Eleuthera. The cave was discovered in the 1600’s by a group of Christians seeking religious freedom from Bermuda.
The day of a wedding on the island.
Isabella guides us to the Queen’s Baths.
Reflection of the moon and other lights on the water.

Photos by Eloise Kelsey

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