letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: ‘Last Saturday Live,’ New Music Fest in Sunset


We are pleased to invite your readers to Last Saturday Live, a monthly open-air family-friendly mini music fest featuring local musicians, merchants, makers, artists, causes and fantastic eats from Gumbo Social, Sunset Squares and Bunbao! Our fabulous July lineup includes Charity’s Family Half Hour, Sunset Hill, Columba Livia, SUNQ, Harlow’s Monkeys, Colorblind Dilemma and Brother Spellbinder.Launching July 31st 4pm to 8pm on 37th Ave/Ortega in The Outer Sunset. www.sunsetmercantilesf.com 415-465-2475

Kimberley Thompson, Sunset Mercantile

Photos courtesy of Sunset Mercantile:

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