‘Driftwood’: Literary Works by M.H. Lopez

Franciscan Manzanita

You should walk along the shores 

and down secret paths 

into lonely hearts 

and haunted rooms 

Carve roots into serpentine

 -the green sea rocks

Carve your name into the city sidewalks


So far we’ve come

  flung into the future 

like trapeze artists letting go

  swinging through the city 




Between the rocks

like a waterfall

I saw you 

just there, on the stony edge  

digging in

and I thought 

that I might wave 

or say, 



But I couldn’t 

Think of the color that you remind me of 

was it blue yellow crimson 

or gold 

but mostly green

and we’re discovering

how to split this serpentine  

in the steam-grey clouds at Lands Endand call it home 

M.H. Lopez is a poet and editor living in the Sunset dDstrict. He is a co-founder of Lone Mountain Literary Magazine. Follow him on Instagram at mhlopez.poetry.   

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