Press Release: Board’s Budget and Finance Committee Approves Loan for 2550 Irving St.

Statement from Supervisor Gordon Mar on 2550 Irving Family Affordable Housing Loan Agreement

Today is a historic moment as I and the Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee voted to approve the loan for site acquisition and pre-development for the Sunset’s first 100% affordable housing development for low and moderate income families at 2550 Irving St.

The Sunset District has historically been a beacon for working and middle class families but growing inequality and the resultant housing affordability crisis has made it so that moderate and low income households can no longer afford to stay in the city and parts once considered more affordable like the Sunset. The development at 2550 is Irving is one way to restore balance, increasing opportunities for families with children and others currently unable to afford market rate housing. It embodies our Sunset values and priority on stabilizing working families.

In fiscal year 19-20, there were 4,430 applications for affordable housing from Sunset residents. Only 35 applicants, or less than 1%, were placed in affordable housing, all who moved out of the Sunset because this district has had an underinvestment in affordable housing. We need the courage to do better for our community.

It’s important that the project is successful, not just for the future residents who will live there but for our neighborhood as well. As the Sunset’s second 100% affordable housing project after Shirley Chisholm Village, the City’s first affordable educator housing project moving forward on 43rd and Judah, it’s important that we get the details right for 2550 Irving. This includes ensuring that the site is environmentally safe, and addressing the concerns of nearby residents about height and scale, within existing zoning and feasibility. 

This is why I’ve been very clear and insistent with TNDC and MOHCD that they conduct a robust and transparent community engagement process, seeking and meaningfully incorporating community input into the project design and proposal before the application is submitted to the Planning Department for formal review.

We know from our City’s history and experience building affordable housing that residents of affordable housing become pillars and leaders in the community, fighting for more neighborhood resources, building public safety, and advocating for better transit. With the approval of this loan, TNDC has the opportunity to build bridges and the relationships during pre-development to create the best foundation for current and future residents to thrive. 

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  1. The 2550 Project is needed to house affordable families. What’s missing from our City leaders is the willingness to learn and listen from knowledge experts on how to provide the 2550 housing with dignity. We have shared rational, reasonable and inspired housing examples and alternate approaches. We can and should house affordable families faster and with less dollars than this proposal.


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