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Letter to the Editor: Commit to Cutting Climate Pollution


In response to the article published on July 1st, “Upper Great Highway Future Debated,” I respectfully submit this letter to you:

During this August recess, as our Congresspeople come home from DC, we should all ask that they look around and see the ways climate change is impacting our communities and country. I care about our changing climate because I see how severe weather, wildfires and sea level rise are impacting San Francisco and my and other family’s health. I am not alone in this – 78% of Americans now say they personally are concerned about climate change and 96% believe we have a right to live in a healthy environment with clean air and water (ecoAmerica, 2021). 

We need to solve the climate emergency, not just put another bandage on it. We can accelerate our actions to eliminate carbon pollution, restore thriving nature, and prioritize solutions that include and are fair to all our neighbors. Each of us needs to take steps to eliminate all fossil fuel pollution in our homes, workplaces, communities, and in the nation through systemic change. 

I personally have committed to cutting my climate pollution in half. Please join me yourself, and urge our policy makers to do the same. 

Meighen Speiser

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  1. Very nice letter Meighen! I ride my bike as much as possible and when I do drive I have an electric vehicle. My other contribution to helping Global Warming is to do my part in trying to get the Great Highway re-opened as soon as possible. Since it has been closed and turned into a playground, the emissions from vehicles has been much more harmful to the environment. Rather than proceeding at a constant speed away from people, 1000s of vehicle are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on Chain of Lakes drive in Golden Gate park emitting extra exhaust fumes which are not only contributing global warming, but also hazardous to the people trying to enjoy the park by bicycle and bicycling among the trees. In addition, there are now 1000s of vehicles speeding through the lower sunset, stopping and starting and every stop sign, not counting the people that just run through the stop signs without stopping. In addition, 19th Ave will be under construction for the next 2 years causing even more gridlocked traffic if the Great Highway is stolen away from us when it was initially only suppose to be a temporary closure due to the pandemic. Thank you for reminding me to be diligent with doing my part to try and put an end to this madness. In the name of cutting climate pollution… OPEN THE GREAT HIGHWAY!


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