Police Blotter

Police Blotter: Richmond District

Robbery With Force, Outstanding Warrant: 2800 Block of Geary Boulevard, May 23, 4:41 p.m. 

A store security officer saw the suspect leave the store with a cart of merchandise without paying. When the officer confronted the suspect, the suspect lunged at the officer and then sprayed a caustic chemical, striking the officer. 

A records check revealed the suspect had an outstanding warrant for her arrest for shoplifting. 

The suspect was arrested and booked at County Jail. 

Burglary: Balboa Street and 25th Avenue, June 3, 12:30 a.m. 

Investigators from the Burglary Unit conducted an operation with the assistance of Richmond Station officers to locate and arrest a wanted suspect (suspect one) in connection with burglaries in the district. 

Investigators and officers observed the suspect and an accomplice (suspect two) cover the motion detection light on a garage. They used a metal tool to reach in through the garage vent – a common tactic to release the emergency latch – and manually opened the garage door. 

Officers moved in and detained the suspects. 

Suspect one was on pretrial release for burglary and was wearing an ankle monitor. 

Suspects one and two were arrested and booked at County Jail. 

Aggravated Assault With a Knife, Outstanding Warrant: JFK and Nancy Pelosi Drives, Golden Gate Park, June 1, (Time not listed) 

A Recreation and Park Department gardener was working when he heard what he thought was someone cutting down a tree. 

The gardener went to investigate and saw the suspect moving around in the brush. The gardener was going to walk away when the suspect suddenly yelled at the gardener and challenged him to fight. The gardener advised the suspect he could stay there, but just not damage the plants. The suspect then produced a knife, raised it over his shoulder, and threw it at the gardener. The knife did not strike the gardener, who then left the area and called police. 

Officers arrived and located the suspect and the knife. 

A records check revealed the suspect had an outstanding arrest warrant. 

The suspect was arrested and booked at County Jail. 

Robbery With Force: Eighth Avenue and Geary Boulevard, June 14, 12:30 p.m.

The victim was walking when a vehicle suddenly turned into the driveway just in front of him, partially blocking his path. 

One of the suspects then got out of the vehicle and placed a necklace in the victim’s hand, which he refused and placed on the hood of the vehicle. As the victim walked away, the vehicle and suspects followed. 

Suspect two then suddenly exited the vehicle, grabbed the victim, and ripped the victim’s gold necklace off his neck. The victim sustained minor injuries. 

Both suspects then fled in the vehicle.

A search of the area for the suspects was unsuccessful. 

Police note: Tactics like this are used as a decoy to distract potential victims with the offer for sale or presentation of jewelry (most often fake). While momentarily distracted, the thieves forcefully steal the victim’s valuable jewelry or use sleight of hand to steal the victim’s jewelry. 

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