Block by Block

Block by Block: Irving Street Between 19th and 25th Avenues

By Eloise Kelsey

After a short break, Block by Block is back! Irving Street is featured for the last time this week, so enjoy these final photographs of the lively neighborhood. We’re jumping over to Judah next, so don’t forget to tune in!

22nd & Irving Market. In case the street signs weren’t big enough….
Hand holding on Irving.
Sign of the times.
50’s sunglasses are back in!
Check out Irving Housewares & Restaurant Supplies for all your sweeping needs.
Uncle Benny’s is a favorite spot for donuts and bagel sandwiches at all times of day.
Midori and Naomi play in their stroller while their mother Antonia Fraser Fujinaja performs in her band “Sushi and Spaghetti” alongside guitarist Toku Woi Woo.
Sometimes all you need is a little pick me up from the bakery.
Irving Street is filled with supermarkets, corner stores and bakeries, making it easy to pick up some essentials before heading home.
Local salon girl.
Sunset Super workers head back to the store.

Photos by Eloise Kelsey

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