Block by Block

Block by Block: Irving Street Between 12th and 18th Avenues

By Eloise Kelsey

It’s always a lovely time meandering down Irving Street, especially when the sun decides to come join. Although few people crossed my path this week, little signs and neighborhood oddities keep the walk interesting. Enjoy this set of pictures!

Irving Self-Portrait.
Children play a game in the parking lot of Saint Anne Elementary School.
A lone chair waits for company on the sidewalk.
An Irving Pet Hospital doctor steps outside all geared up.
Supermarket tabloids and old letters pile up under the sun.
You’ve got mail!
A teacher plays frisbee golf while his students cheer him on from the steps of The Sunset Library.
“I Love You” Teddy Bear and Bobble Head Puppy enjoy the street view from the rear windshield of their owners car.
Closed for now… Come back next week for more pictures!

Photos by Eloise Kelsey

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