Block by Block

Block by Block: Irving Between Eighth and Eleventh Avenues

Another week dedicated to Irving Street…. Check out these photos to get to know the many faces and shops that make the neighborhood so lively!

Kathy and Cal Tucker look both ways before crossing the busy street on a fine Wednesday morning.
Baby Got Bag.
Joe Stands in front of his cartoon portrait hanging inside Pasquale’s Pizza.
Rim Lin walks around the neighborhood holding her grandmother Ella Cheu’s hand.
Leticia Tello’s decorated windshield.
Tyke Jones(left), Marshall Jones(middle) and Hans van der Lee(right) look into Misdirections Magic Shop’s storefront for a new gadget.
Jose Sosa and Erik Garcia pose for a portrait through the window of Pasquale’s Pizza.
Charles Sperling stands on the corner of 9th & Irving selling the independent newspaper Street Sheet. Created by the Coalition on Homelessness, the paper covers issues on homelessness and poverty in San Francisco.
A mix of landscape and still life paintings can be found inside the beauty supplies store One Stop Beauty Supply and Salon.
Phillip Rosenthal and Cecil Calban enjoy a meal at Manna Korean Restaurant with their furry friend Pinto.
Muni trains have now returned to San Francisco. Hooray!

Photos by Eloise Kelsey

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