letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Please Keep Kopp


This letter is in response to Alice Duesdieker’s letter to editor, June 2021 vol 30, No 12.

Alice wants Kopp to be terminated from his freeform column for no reason other than he has been retired for 20 years.  Does that mean every person of older years who is retired is no longer relevant?  What about “older is wiser?” Her intolerance for a voice of reason differing from her own is mystifying.  Quentin Kopp, because of his years in politics and as a judge, has a wealth of knowledge, know-how and experience.  Because he is retired, he has no allegiance to political party, and his opinions are based on logic and common sense.

Funny how Alice had to look up the word equity in the dictionary.  Kopp’s usage of the word, despite it being an old English and tertiary reference, is apropos in his context. Alice should respect everyone’s right to public commentary. Please do not allow Quentin Kopp to be denied his say. I always look forward to his column in your paper. 

Michele Avramov

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