Press Release

Press Release: Groups Unite to Prevent Violence Against Asians and Seniors

Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA) and the newly formed Sunset Safety Squad Distribute 1,000 Yellow Whistles in SF’s Sunset District to Help Prevent Violence Against Asians and Seniors

On May 15, APAPA and the newly formed Sunset Safety Squad combined forces to support the national “Unity Against Hate” Campaign to prevent rising violence and harassment targeting the Asian community and seniors.

Volunteers fanned out on Irving Street to conduct street outreach to seniors and small businesses in the neighborhood. 1,000 yellow whistles and safety informational packets were distributed to Sunset District residents and businesses. Yellow whistles inscribed with the words “We Belong” were given out because they are recognized worldwide as a distress signal for help.

APAPA is a national organization focused on increasing Asian and Pacific Islander civic engagement.

“APAPA and the Sunset Safety Squad are committed to preventing violence against our Asian community through volunteerism,” said Drew Min, Executive Director of APAPA San Francisco. “Today we distributed over 10,000 yellow whistles and safety informational packets in San Francisco and 1,000 in the Sunset District.”

The Sunset Safety Squad’s mission is to keep the Sunset District safe through education, outreach, community building and translation for seniors.

“When I talked to Asian small businesses and seniors on Irving, many of them told me that they were afraid to be outside because of the rising violence against Asians,” said Sunset resident Tina Cen. “I came out to volunteer with the Sunset Safety Squad and APAPA to keep my neighborhood safe.”

Alan Wong started the Sunset Safety Squad after rising violence against Asians and hearing from others that wanted to volunteer.

“After seeing so many of our Asian community, especially seniors and women, come under increasingly intense harassment and violence. I felt it was our duty to get involved. Many young people have told me they want to get involved and do something but didn’t know how. We didn’t have any group in the Sunset District. That’s why I started the Sunset Safety Squad.”

Westside and Sunset community members can get involved by emailing

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