Press Release

Press Release: Free Self Defense Seminar for Seniors

From The Richmond Neighborhood Center:

Free senior self-defense and awareness workshops at the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy

Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy has stepped up to help seniors defend themselves. In response to the rise of attacks against seniors; especially Asian seniors, in the Bay Area, the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy has partnered with the Richmond Neighborhood Center to offer free safety and awareness classes. This also coincides with Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Seniors are being empowered to use their voice and awareness to ward off attacks. Skills such as elbow and palm strikes, wrist grab releases and knees not only provide physical self-defense but also build their confidence. And, yes, they are even learning to use their cell phones and canes as a weapon.

A cane is a weapon for seniors at Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy. Courtesy photo.

For the past 38 years; since first immigrating from Hong Kong, Academy founder Grand Master Tat-Mau Wong has been committed to helping students as young as 3 years old and into their 80s grow to be healthy, strong and safe.

Grand Master Wong believes, “Respect for elders is an integral part of Asian and Martial Arts culture. They are a treasure and deserve our care and support. I want our seniors to know how much they are valued. Through these free classes we are providing basic safety skills and having a positive impact in our community.”

To meet demand, workshops have been expanded throughout the month of May. For individuals interested in signing up please contact Naomi Hui at Richmond Neighborhood Center: (415) 941-7765 or

Classes held at Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy – 601 Clement Street, San Francisco.
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 a.m. May 20, May 25 and May 27

*Due to COVID-19 protocol there is a limited number of participants per class and face masks and distancing is required.

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