letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Destructive Influence of Big Tech

Dear Editor/”Influencer”:

Please read the attached article in “Fast Company” (not exactly a
left-leaning, anti-tech, or revolutionary publication) about the
destructive influence the big tech billionaires are having on our
democratic institutions (think schools, think corruption scandals in
local politics, think the current Bay Area housing crisis/”shortage”).


Notice how often the word “influence” is used in the article itself.
Notice that the ability to control others necessarily contains two
aspects: one visible (physical force), and the other invisible (the
level of ideas and beliefs). Notice that this word “influence” is very
much like the popular tech term “influencer,” another name for the
elite demographic that dominates our economic, social, and political
culture right now (on all sides of the political spectrum).

It’s the few, the “influencers,” that matter, not the many, the laborers, the
average citizens. We the People as a whole, or average people, are
politically powerless at present. As the 2014 study by Martin Gilens,
a professor of politics at Princeton University, and Benjamin I. Page,
a professor at Northwestern University found, the preferences of
average citizens have very little to no effect on policy-making.

I find it astonishing that it takes a publication such as “Fast
Company” to openly tackle this topic, while so many local progressive
and liberal media outlets have remained relatively silent on the

Oh, but I forgot, if a person is outspoken about anything these
days–if person stands out, is critical, stops
going-along-to-get-along, then this person will be blacklisted
professionally. And then they will not be able to pay their
rent/mortgage and they will be out in the street.

I keep forgetting that we’re not genuinely politically free in any meaningful sense of the word, since more and more we live in constant fear of upsetting
the “influencers” in our lives…

Miraย Martin-Parker

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