Commentary: Work Together to Stop Burglaries in the Richmond District

As Burglaries Have Increased, So Have Activism and Denial

You don’t have to have lived in our neighborhood very long to realize that home burglaries have spiked dramatically since the pandemic began. Each of us has a freshly minted story about our home being broken into, knows an immediate neighbor with a story, or both.

We don’t need the SFPD’s eye-popping statistics to tell us how criminals have switched from the easy-pickings of breaking into tourists’ rental cars to the valuable contents of our garages, homes and apartment buildings. As this crime has grown, so too have two competing movements; a growing chorus of neighbors trying to educate and empower their neighbors to be aware and to protect themselves, and a small group of those in denial that crime is increasing at all.

It’s not the physical property loss that impacts most neighbors (although losing one’s bike to burglary hits hard when it’s your primary source of transportation). Rather, it’s the palpable, gut-wrenching sense of personal violation, the loss of one’s sense of security and safety that matters most. Multiply it by hundreds or thousands during a time of economic and emotional struggle, and the Richmond District’s happy, family-friendly shine of “a nice place to live” starts to fade for many of us.           

As the number of burglaries have grown unchecked in our neighborhood, grassroots groups of neighbors have been coming together to try to stop the trend. They want to amplify messages of awareness, prevention, and action. More than just holding Zoom meetings to talk incessantly, they are actively lobbying the SFPD for increased late-night patrols. They are coordinating with the City’s public safety group, SF SAFE, to facilitate more neighborhood watch groups. They are working to educate neighbors of the latest burglary tactics. They are sharing tips, tools, ideas and referrals of how neighbors can safely and effectively protect their homes on and websites, like  I, for one, hope we could all get behind and contribute to these efforts that strengthen community bonds and safety for everyone, especially frightened seniors.

Sadly, some neighbors feel these efforts to educate and empower neighbors are misguided and they are actively working to discredit and silence them. One needs only log into to see a small, vocal handful of neighbors gaslighting that crime is down while howling about “fear mongering” and “vigilantism”. These tones of denial and “just sit back and take it” echo those of our current elected local leaders who are choosing to deny reality and avoid mentioning spiking crime at all costs.     

We can leave crime-fighting to the experts at SFPD. But we can do more crime-prevention ourselves. We owe it to our neighborhood to stand up, chip in, and help our neighbors from becoming victims.         

Mark Dietrich

Working parent and Richmond District neighbor

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  1. Mark, the author, is a real leader in our community. I feel safer with Mark trying to solve this problem. And it is a problem. A BIG problem! Let’s all keep an eye out for each other.

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  2. We all win when we “prevent” crime!! Thank you for taking the time to write this column! Please continue keeping us all informed … and safe!!

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  3. Mark is spot on in pointing out how posts on Nextdoor are being deleted and accounts suspended when the increase in crime is mentioned in a post. The way people and comments disappear from Nextdoor remind me of stories my dad who grew up in China, used to tell of relatives and friends disappearing after being reported by “so called neighbors”. All knowing “Big Brother” is very busy on Nextdoor identifying people in need of censoring.

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  4. Bravo on a thoughtfully crafted article. I’m so thankful to have Mark as my neighbor and thank you for your friendly leadership, rational thought, and kind heart.

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  5. As someone who has been ‘silenced’ on a local social media platform, by this small group – who collectively work together to censor anyone from exposing the uptick in crime, I am most grateful for SFPD and Mark Dietrich’s advocacy and all the good work he has done and continues to do.

    You’re not going to hear the increase in crime from our elected leaders.

    Thanks to Mark’s energy and advocacy for a safer Richmond District, I am a seeing change happening. Neighbors are getting to know each other and offering help to protect their homes and property.

    Thank you Mark!


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  6. Here we are a year later and Mark Dietrich is working 24/7 as a participant in the political coup d’etat to overthrow the democratically elected DA. Mark is just another Myrmidon doing political chores for SFPD. People like Mark think having an Ice Cream with a Cop in the Richmond District is a good example of crime fighting. What he is really displaying is the insidious relationship between the law and order crowd and the Guardians of the State. SFPD. This is why more than ever we need a DA like Chesa Boudin who does his job and will not pander to the cops. Ever.


    • Lee,

      Your comment will never reach the rich cultures of our district. Perhaps you want to express your commentary so that our non English speaking neighbors will understand your concerns.

      I am happy to see you admit to crime one year later as you attempt to take down Mark and raise Boudin. Nice try.
      Go Mark!!

      So disappointed with the Richmond Review and their political bias. I am a family of generations of native SF and have seen the shift in this local paper. Sad.


      • Hello, Brigete:

        We work hard to stay neutral and avoid political bias. We let people from all sides of an issue express their beliefs and opinions, but we don’t take sides on issues. Many readers mistakenly conclude that the commentaries are endorsed by us, but they are simply the opinions of the writers and we welcome commentaries by people with differing opinions. We don’t write editorials promoting one side over another and try hard to report facts in a balanced way. We have columnists that many consider “right wing” as well as those many consider “left wing.” If you would like to submit a commentary, I will be happy to consider it for publication. Thank you.

        Michael Durand, editor and publisher.


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