Police Blotter

Police Blotter: Richmond District

Vehicle Burglary, ID Fraud: Funston Avenue and Cabrillo Street, Feb. 22, 4:52 a.m.

Officers were on high visibility patrol, when they spotted subjects with flashlights near a parked vehicle. The subjects quickly got into their vehicle and left the area suddenly and without signaling. 

Officers recognized the vehicle from prior contacts (having very distinct markings), however, the vehicle had been cold-plated with a paper temporary dealer plate. Officers conducted a traffic stop and detained the occupants. 

The officers recognized the occupants from prior contacts. A records check revealed the vehicle’s real license plate in the truck bed. A records check of suspect one revealed he was on Post Release Community Supervision (PCRS) with a search condition. 

A search of suspect one located suspected Fentanyl. A records check of suspect two revealed she was also on PCRS with a search condition. 

A search of suspect two revealed suspected fentanyl and burglary tools. Suspect two also had an outstanding warrant for her arrest out of Pleasanton. 

A search of the vehicle revealed stolen mail, tax returns, IDs and other items related to possible identity fraud for 21 potential victims. 

An additional victim came to Richmond Station to make a counter report for auto boosting. Officers discovered his reported stolen items were in the truck driven by the two suspects. His items were identified and returned. 

Both suspects were arrested and booked at County Jail.

Hot Prowl Burglary, Attempted Entry: 3000 Block of Pacific Avenue, March 5, 5 a.m.  

The victim saw two suspects, through video surveillance, walk to the front of the garage door several times, with a crowbar in hand, and they appeared to be looking into the garage through a vent. 

The victim gave a detailed description of the suspects to arriving officers who were able to locate and detain the suspects a short distance away. The suspects were positively identified by the victim and also by the video surveillance. The garage door vent had been removed. 

Garage vents are a commonly used point of entry for garage burglaries. Often a tool is pushed through the vent to pull the emergency release cord to open the garage door. An arrest search of the suspects located burglary tools, large amounts of currency and a crowbar. 

A records check revealed suspect one was wanted for a prior burglary from the Central District. Suspects one and two were arrested and booked at County Jail.

Outstanding Warrant: 37th Avenue and Balboa Street, March 10, 1 a.m.  

Officers on patrol spotted a suspect casing residential garages. The suspect appeared to have several large metal objects, possibly burglary tools, on his person visible to officers. 

As officers approached in the patrol vehicle, the suspect immediately fled. Officers followed the suspect and ordered him to stop, which he refused. After a brief chase, officers were able to apprehend the suspect. 

A records check revealed the suspect had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for burglary. A search of the suspect revealed a crowbar, wrenches and a flashlight.

The suspect was arrested and booked at County Jail.

Carjacking, Aggravated Assault: 700 Block of Seventh Avenue, March 11, 4:58 p.m.

Officers from Richmond Station responded to an attempted carjacking at a grocery store. 

Officers arrived on the scene and met with the 75-year-old female victim who was suffering from injuries sustained during the incident. Officers called medics who treated her for non-life-threatening injuries.

The victim told officers she drove into the store’s parking lot. After parking her car an unknown female approached her and asked to borrow her cell phone to call a family member. The victim handed the female her cell phone and was suddenly attacked by the female and two additional suspects.

The victim was assaulted and dragged while being robbed of her wallet and keys. After obtaining the victim’s keys, the suspects jumped into the victim’s car. A male bystander saw the commotion in the parking lot and came to the victim’s aid.

The suspects then backed the car into the bystander while trying to steal the car. The bystander hit the rear window of the victim’s car with his bare hand. The window shattered upon impact. The bystander sustained a non-life-threatening injury.

When the rear window shattered, the suspects exited the car and jumped into an awaiting vehicle and fled the scene. Additional witnesses recorded portions of the incident and provided officers information that assisted in identifying the suspects’ vehicle. A felony warrant was placed on the vehicle.

On Friday, March 12, at 5:09 p.m. SFPD was notified that the Antioch Police Department located the suspects’ vehicle and detained three occupants. One of the occupants was identified as one of the suspects in the carjacking.

Officers from Richmond Station responded to Antioch, placed the suspect under arrest and had the vehicle towed to San Francisco. The suspect is a 16-year-old female from San Leandro. She was transported and booked into San Francisco’s Juvenile Justice Center.

The investigation on the identities of the three other suspects remains open and active.

Narcotics for Sales, Outstanding Warrant: 500 Block of Spruce Street, March 19, 9:35 p.m.

Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that ran a stop sign and did not display any license plates. 

During the stop, the driver initially gave officers a false name. One of the officers spotted a large bag of a crystalline substance (suspected methamphetamine) on the floor of the vehicle in plain sight. 

The suspect was later positively identified and a records check revealed he had multiple warrants for his arrest for burglary. A test of the substance was positive for methamphetamine. Multiple burglary tools were found in the suspect’s possession. 

The suspect was arrested and booked at County Jail.

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