letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor: Enough Crankiness


I was inspired to write after seeing how much crankiness was in your March 2021 newspaper.

Anyone who thinks staying on top of litter is easy hasn’t had to do that for a living. I live down the street from the proposed housing development on Irving and I look forward to meeting my new neighbors. I also think the Ferris wheel and closed Upper Great Highway have been fun. Remember fun?

Finally, Quentin Kopp knows that language changes all the time. That he chooses to use the word rape to describe that change means he understands the power words can have. To whine about diction while trying to convince us that public schools have too much money is the sniveling of someone who refuses to update their view of a dynamic world. 

I hope all the cranks from that issue are feeling better than they were. It’s a beautiful city out there, folks. Enjoy it, and let others enjoy it too. 

Noemi Robinson, Sunset resident 

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  1. Cranks are hired to have a forum where they spew pablum to empty minds, fusing incongruous sentiments pursuing some agenda obfuscated by word salad. Or in other words, Quentin Kopp.

    The bloviating pompous ass serves his purpose, and all of the patrician’s are offended when you call a spade a spade, clutching their pearls. The agenda and the word salad must have the proper dressing, you see.


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