Volunteers Work to Clean Sunset Streets

From Jake Woodfin, Pastor of Branches Church:

When I first asked the question, “What is the greatest need in the Sunset?” in a local Facebook group, I had no idea the type of response I would get. 

More than 450 comments came pouring in with suggestions on how to improve the Sunset District that we all know and love. One suggestion was repeated from multiple residents: “We need cleaner streets.”     

That’s when the newly formed Branches Church sprung to action. Through the help of Angie Pettit-Taylor of Sunset Mercantile, Alan Wong of Supervisor Gordon Mar’s Office, Eva Chang of the Department of Public Works, and Mike and David from the San Francisco Beach Clean Up Group, Branches Church was able to organize a community initiative to clean up Sunset Streets.    

On Sunday, March 21, more than 20 adults and six children showed up to help clean the streets. They were able to cover a lot of ground cleaning Pacheco, Ortega, and Noriega streets from Great Highway to 38th Avenue, including cleaning around the West Sunset Park and the Ortega Branch Library and playground.   

In the end, 16 bags of trash were collected and the streets were left a little cleaner. We aren’t done yet. Another clean up for Judah and Irving streets is planned for the third weekend in April.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can participate in cleaning up the Sunset, or if you have any questions, please contact me at

Hali Woodfin and Cody Kishimoto prepare to hand out cleaning gear to volunteers at the Sunset Street Pick up. Courtesy photos.
Whole families, like the Attia family, came out to participate in the clean up. 
A sign marks the spot of the Sunset Street Clean Up sponsored by Branches Church. 
Jake and Hali Woodfin, Cody and Kelsie Kishimoto, and Sam Dagg stand with the final total of 16 bags of trash after the street clean up had ended.

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